The GFWC Anchorage Woman’s Club gives out thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. The ladies in the club raise funds all year to give away in scholarships in the proud tradition of women who began the first school in Anchorage in 1915 and who were instrumental in starting the first library. Serving on the Scholarship Committee is a rewarding job for clubwomen. Reviewing scholarship folders of some of the leaders of our next generation is heartwarming and inspiring. To be able to award funds to help further their educations is wonderful.

High School Scholarships (boys or girls)
High school scholarships include Orah Dee Clark Scholarship, Bettie Peck Memorial Scholarship, First Ladies Scholarship and Betsy Hanson Scholarship. The Orah Dee Clark Scholarship goes to Anchorage School District (ASD)students with high scholastic achievements, at least a 3.2 GPA, high moral character, leadership potential, and strong financial need. The Bettie Peck Memorial Scholarship and Betsy Hanson Scholarship goes to two ASD high school students with similar characteristics as the Orah Dee Clark Scholarship, except that the GPAs can be high or low with extenuating circumstance. The decision is up to the Scholarship Committee. The First Ladies Scholarship candidates are selected by superintendents from all school districts in Alaska. The recipient is chosen by the Scholarship Committee.

New Beginnings Scholarship (adult women)
The New Beginnings Scholarship is awarded to adult women each year currently residing in Anchorage who need further education in order to obtain gainful, skilled employment and who have a determination to improve themselves and enhance the Anchorage community. Applicants must have resided in Alaska for a minimum of five years and intend to make Alaska their home. Applications are made available to counselors, universities and colleges in Anchorage, to pass out to scholarship candidates, applications also sent to various women shelters, trade schools, etc. The recipients are chosen by the Scholarship Committee.