Susan Jensen President's Message

It is with great honor and a powerful grit that I step forward to serve as AWC President for 2016-2018. There are great needs in our community and we are just the ladies to volunteer with vigor. We have served Anchorage from its inception and, as my motto states, we are "Writing our history through volunteer service."

A little bit about our history ...

In 1915 Anchorage came into being when 2,000 workers arrived here to build the railroad. Many of the workers brought their families and it was soon evident that there was a desperate need for a school. It is said that when Jane Mears approached her husband, Lt. Col. Fredrick Mears of the Alaska Engineering Commission, and asked him to build a school, his reply was, "I'm busy building a railroad; if you want a school you'll have to build it yourself."

And that's just what she did. On September 16, 1915, she and other women of the town organized The Anchorage Woman's Club with a primary goal to build a school. With left over material from the railroad, the women spear¬headed the project and organized the construction of the first schoolhouse in Anchorage.

Fast forward ...

Not only did we build the first schoolhouse, we started the first library and too many contributions to name here. To get a glimpse of the fullness of our contributions and the amazing women who precede us, I encourage you to read our 100-year history that is contained in 50 Golden Years; The story of Anchorage Woman’s Club (Woodman, 1965) and Generations of Service; The story of the Anchorage Woman’s Club 1965-2015 (Crosby, 2015).

Thank you to our outgoing President ...

A very heartfelt thank you to Suzette Mashburn and everyone in her administration who worked so hard this past two years during our AWC Centennial. Suzette is our new state President of GFWC of Alaska. Coincidentally, our state organization’s centennial will fall during Suzette’s state administration.

Putting on our work gloves ...

I am thrilled and delighted with all of you wonderful ladies who have stepped up to fill positions in our current 2016-2018 administration. For the first time in many years, all positions are filled including executive board, CSP’s (community service projects), and our committees. Some roles are being co-chaired or tri-chaired and some new members are paired with experienced ones. Paring up on service brings to mind, “Many hands make light work.” It is also more fun!

Goals ...

We have many ongoing projects that will continue uninterrupted such as the Naturalization Reception every month since 1955; annual Pioneer School House Re-creation; Covenant House support for homeless teens, and so many more. A new goal with my special President’s Special Project is helping survivors of human trafficking through support of our partner organization in this endeavor Priceless Alaska.

We have a small but mighty club! I look forward to working with you as we continually make our community a better place to live at the start of the next 100 years.

Susan Jensen
President 2016-2018
GFWC Anchorage Woman’s Club